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Gonna Go Back in Time


Pondering whether or not to bring my computer this weekend to Las Vegas. Now that I have a smart phone, I can pretty much do everything on it, although I have to admit I HATE typing on the screen. (And I have been using it almost exclusively to play "Tapped Out." *sigh*)

But on the other hand, it would save me some carrying. *Ponder, ponder*

I can't find the right size camera battery. Neither Walgreens nor CVS had it. I may have to find it online, which would be annoying -- it's for my old film camera, and the man reason I want it is to finish the roll of film that's in there. And then? Well, on the one hand, film is infinitely better for some pictures... but on the other, I NEVER use it. EVER. I have no idea what's on the film that's in there. Of course, if I try and sell it, a new battery will show that it works. *more pondering*
Tags: computer, doctor who, games, vegas, videos, writing
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