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Incoherent with rage, due to this. Most of my friends will have read this already, though, via typographer and/or rahirah.

It goes along with my incoherent rage that came over me last week when I was listening to the Diane Rehm show, and found out that Phil Donahue was asked to leave television because he voiced a dissenting opinion on the Iraq war (the guest was his wife, Marlo Thomas, and a caller asked why Phil was no longer on TV).

Liberal media, my ass.

I had perhaps better stay incoherent, because goodness knows I'm already bound to be on a number of watch lists because I'm gay and a registered Democrat. Ye gods.

Sputter, sputter.

On a related topic, I was thinking to myself that perhaps, instead of continuing to waffle about my religion, I should march into the local Catholic Church and begin to work seriously toward confirmation, loud and proud and OUT. Because, dang it, I don't want to be chased away from something because they're narrow-minded, trapped-in-the-dark-ages idiots when I wish to be Catholic in my own heart. Gad, could it be I could actually get off my procrastinating butt and not only take a stand, but actually DO something instead of just standing there?

But on the other hand (I watched Fiddler on the Roof this weekend), the Congregationalist Church nearby has a very open and welcoming congregation with an openly gay pastor and a LOT of rainbow stickers in the parking lot.

I know intellectually that "marriage" isn't a lot more than what we have already and have had for 17 years, but I still harbor that little-girl-dream of "getting married someday," and besides, all those lovely legal deals would be helpful as we get older and jointly-owned property rights become more and more important. It's not like we have much, and I know neither of our families will raise any fusses should the unthinkable happen (and I glare at my would-be-spouse who refuses to wear her seat belt), but it would be nice to be able to put her on my health insurance, at least, especially since she's been uninsured for nearly two years. (more sputtering)

Speaking of the Diane Rehm show, this morning there was an expert on anxiety (fear) discussing how it affects one's life. Someone called in and asked if the recent election results showed exactly how fear could be used to manipulate people, and the doctor agreed. So did I. How many times did the phrase "the world changed on 9/11!" get used during the campaign? And you know what? It really didn't. Not any more than it did after Pearl Harbor, or the USS Cole, or the 1993 Trade Center bombing. All that changed was our fear. Americans are now afraid, and so afraid they'll gladly sign over civil liberties to be "safe," and patting the backs of those who say "there hasn't been an attack on America since 9/11!" Forgetting that Al Queda happily waited eight years before trying to take down the Towers again, and they don't have a time table. But keep saying we're "safer" and people will believe it because they are afraid. Keep reminding them of potential attacks because it will keep them fearful.

I'm not afraid of terrorists. I'm afraid of my government.

I'd rant some more, but I'd have to name names, and I probably shouldn't. Not here. Alas.
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