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When I see a bandwagon...

I jump on board. Besides, this one looked like fun:

Virginia Woolf: Orlando. You are a challenge, for
outer events, the outside world, the time etc.
play no importance to you. Your focus is in
writing, in gender issues, and inside your own
head. Self-analysis and exploration of yourself
as well as the outer world hold great
importance to you.

Which literature classic are you?
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Hmmm. I haven't read it (although I have a copy somewhere), but I saw the movie.

Today went by very quickly, as I hoped from a Monday after a long weekend. There's actually a freeze warning in effect for tonight here in the Valley--and I know some people might scoff, but this morning's 50 degrees was COLD! Since my job this week involves sitting and inputting data, I was pretty much cold all day long.
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