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Okay, I pulled this idea from babyotto, and she got it from here, so without further ado:

1) My biggest "I want one" wish this year is an MP3 player of some variety, with capacity for a goodly amount of songs and many hours of listening time on one battery.

2) I continue to wish I would win the lottery, but that's a toughie for people to grant.

3) Naturally, anything from my Amazon wish list is always much appreciated.

4) More weight loss. I'm still stuck at 170 pounds, where I've been for most of the last year, but I'll be happy if I can make it through the holidays without gaining any of it back. Afterward, I want to try and get back on the serious, 1000-calorie-a-day thing.

5) This logo embroidered as a patch I can sew on my denim jacket (the neon blue on a solid black background).

6) Guitar lessons (intermediate/advanced).

7) A new armchair. Better still, a new living room set.

8) My debts paid off (this is coming, but very slowly).

9) The end of reality television.

10) "Scrubs" on DVD.

I had to pause in the middle of this to try and draw that logo, but my dearest rahirah helped me by drawing the horse.

I had to remind myself all day that it was Friday, not Saturday. I still have a Saturday tomorrow. Yay!
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