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Better Now, Thanks for Asking

This is one of the coolest things ever:

I seem to have recovered more or less completely -- I still have a couple of days' worth of antibiotics to take, but I have my energy and all that good stuff back again, and am back doing my walking and weights and trying to eat right with my 5:2 diet.

Speaking of which, today on The Diane Rehm Show she and her guests discussed the 5:2 diet and lifestyle, and I was quite pleased to hear the discussion, since I have had such good luck with it so far. I went off while I was ill (and the holidays), but getting back into the groove and being pretty much right where I was before cruise, sickness, holidays, and more sickness, pleases me and lets me know this is something I can stick with and actually like. I was also pleased that the guests in favor of this were all medical doctors, and not just somebody shilling a new fad. There were pros and cons offered and variations depending on personal preference, body type, and ability. It's a very good listen, and for those who were interested when I first mentioned this might enjoy hearing it.

And we enter the time of year when I wouldn't live anywhere but here -- last week and this week, while everyone's in the deep freeze from Alaska to Florida, it's been 68-73 every day and 41-45 overnights. We had a conference call today with our counterparts in Atlanta and Bloomington (Illinois), and they were excited that things had warmed up to 31 degrees...

Last night I pan-seared a lamb chop steak which we had with beets and green beans. It was amazingly delicious. Tonight I'm turning the leftovers into lamb pies.
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