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Another Day at Home

I really wanted to go to work today, but I was still coughing this morning and achy, so decided to stay home. After calling in, I slept for about four hours more, then have been sitting up wrapped in a blanket and watching DVDs. After seeing "Saving Mr. Banks" yesterday I had to watch "Mary Poppins" again -- there is a lot of red in that movie (you'll understand when you see SMB).

I seem to have most of my voice back, but the cough is still there. I have an appointment at the clinic this afternoon, I assume they'll give me some antibiotics. I don't seem to have a fever or anything. Right now it's all in my head and chest.

This made me insanely happy:

We were going to clean up the holiday stuff and clear out the tree yesterday, but somehow it didn't happen. I hope I feel better later, because that really does need to be done.
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