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Happy New Year!

Do I have resolutions? Well, in a sense --

I am going to make a concerted effort this year to take a picture for every prompt on the photo_scavenger journal.

I want to try and write something (anything) every single day. This one's going to be tough -- but if I even manage to set down a sentence every day, that will be a victory.

I want to continue to lose weight. I was doing well before the cruise-- and even there, I only gained five pounds which I have since lost--so I hope to get back to that after the New Year's festivities are done.

Otherwise? Not a whole lot. Maybe try and stop with so many frivolous purchases, but God knows that hasn't worked too well before!

I think I actually have bronchitis; if this persists once the holidays are all done, I'll go see if I need a course of antibiotics. It's settled into my chest and throat and I've been coughing up icky green gunk, so it probably IS bronchitis, but last night I woke up all sweaty and shaky, so I'm guessing (hopefully) the fever broke and I'm actually on the road to recovery. I certainly feel better today, although my voice is shot and I've been coughing like crazy with a tight chest.

On the whole? I really didn't have too bad a year. I know a lot of people are glad to be seeing the backside of 2013, but it wasn't horrible for us. Yeah, we had a few bumps -- including a plumbing emergency last week that ate up the Christmas money Mom sent we'd hoped to use to fix the furnace -- but overall? Not too horrible. I can only hope for a better year this year for everyone.

I have hopes and fears and dreams, like anyone. I don't expect that tomorrow will be all that different from today -- but all I can do is step forward.
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