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The Imponderables

Yesterday I got the news that a friend of mine, whom I haven't seen in many years, had a massive heart attack and died suddenly.

I found myself feeling shock, of course; and a strange sense of something missing, but no real sadness. As I said, I hadn't seen him in many years. I literally can't remember the last time we spoke, or the last time I actually saw him -- he was an old Elfquest pal, a friend from post-college years, and even a former lover (long story, that). We had spent many good times together. A few bad ones. He was one of the few of my friends at the time who came down to Tucson to be with me after my father died. And yet I felt almost nothing but a curious sense of undefined loss.

I had to think a bit, because I was honestly still a bit MORE depressed over Matt Smith leaving Doctor Who, which I'm sure makes me horrible and shallow, but there it is. And while I freely admit that Time of the Doctor was one of Moffatt's lesser efforts (finding out that it was the compressed ideas for the ENTIRE SERIES EIGHT that Smith was supposed to have been signed for made it a little more understandable), I was not unhappy with it. I also have the irrational overreaction when I see "The only good thing was Capaldi at the end!" to not like him at all... which is silly, because I'm sure he'll be a fine Doctor. It was not exactly the ending for Eleven I wanted, but at least he got to die of old age, which a Doctor hasn't gotten to do since One.

So does it make me a horrible person that I'm far more focused on a cult television show?
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