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I'm Not Ready

Now we're both sick. Note to self: No more vacations between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

We got out our Christmas cards, but haven't started doing anything with them, so they didn't get into the mail yesterday as I'd sort of hoped they would -- so cards won't get to people in time. I want to make cookies, but not only do I feel no energy to get up to do so, I also can't find the Christmas tree cookie cutter. (All the rest are there -- bells and stars and Santa Clause and the reindeer, but no tree!) I'm trying to work up the whole Christmas feeling by watching all the specials today, but on the whole, bleah.

Mmmm, not sure about this (borrowed from cornerofmadness).

I never really watched The Office, so I really couldn't say. I was hoping for Chuck, but what can I say?

No matter how sick you are, this will make you smile. It did me.

Adopt one today!
Adopt one today!
Adopt one today!
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