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Airplanes and Airlines and Other Inconveniences

So we got up early and got us and all our luggage from the Orlando Airport Hilton to the airport in plenty of time, in a reasonably uneventful manner, after a long, long week away from home (first post in a while, I need to get back in the swing of it). It was a good cruise (I'm afraid I'm becoming terribly blase about them), but I think 8 days is too long for us; in any case, we were glad to be back.

I love St. Maarten. I loved St. Kitts. I absolutely adored San Juan. Labadee was lovely, but being just one of those "private beach" areas owned by the cruise line, it was kinda boring coming at the end of an 8-day cruise.

ANYWAY, we got on the plane on time, everything was going swimmingly, and then this ancient woman who sat next to me asked if the plane was going to Columbus. I assured her it was. "Oh, good," she said, "The way this day was going I was sure we'd gotten on the wrong plane." Her luck continued to hold. Something went "pop" in the air circulation system of the plane, and the pilot kept us on the tarmac until he was certain everything was working -- a full hour. We got into Columbus just in time for our connecting flight to Phoenix to leave, so now we're in the lovely Columbus airport (that is, I'm afraid, sarcastic... why couldn't it have been Denver?) with snow outside and at least free Wi-Fi inside while we wait now THREE hours for a flight to Chicago which will connect us to Phoenix and get us home around 6:30 tonight instead of 2:30 in the afternoon.

Which means we can't get Bo at the vet's, will likely NOT have time to get the tree (which I'd hoped to do first thing on getting home), and not get a load or two of laundry done (which really needs to be done, since we're also bringing home two weeks' worth of dirty, along with what was there when we left).

My PLAN for today was to get ready for Christmas. Not stand around this airport. :P

Southwest was nice about getting us on the first flight they could get us to Phoenix, but the crew of the first plane should have done something about the people making connecting flights. Most of the people on our plane were coming home to Ohio -- they could have done SOMETHING about those few of us who needed to make connections. If they'd let us off the plane FIRST, we might have made it.

Please excuse my crankiness. I've been getting homesick more than usual this time out, possibly because it IS closer to Christmas, and it did not feel like it in the Caribbean, which was VERY hot, somewhat rainy, and windy. I did enjoy myself (pictures when I get them uploaded to Photobucket -- it's taking long enough to upload them to Facebook), though, especially beautiful San Juan (where we went to tour the El Yunque Rainforest -- breathtaking!). I would have liked to stay longer in San Juan and spent LESS time on Labadee. I'm not completely impressed with Royal Caribbean. Sure, they don't make the bad headlines that poor Carnival does, but I've ALWAYS enjoyed a Carnival cruise. (And seriously, they run hundreds of thousands of cruises a year, so three or four accidents? Not really a bad record.) And to cap it all, after me saying how well I sleep on a cruise, this time? Not so much. The pillows were HORRIBLE and my neck aches.

At least last night in the Hilton was wonderful. We had good BBQ at a nearby restaurant and I slept wonderfully with a nice, big, comfortable pillow.

And hopefully (knock wood), our luck will return and we will at least get home tonight.

I hope.
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