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Weekend Winter Wrapup

It has gone from late summer to winter in the space of three days in Phoenix. We were in the mid-to-upper 80's last week, and then Thursday the rain set in and it rained for a day and a half (which is REALLY a lot of rain for here -- nearly 2 inches in one day, and another 1/2 inch after), then through to this morning, when it finally started to clear up and the sun came blazing out.

It is in that place, in early Phoenix winters, when it's a little too chilly to just wear a t-shirt, but a little too hot to wear a sweater. We turned on the heater, then turned it off, then turned it back on again.

Went to my office's outing at the Phoenix Zoo for an early preview of "Zoolights" -- it was fun, but they haven't gotten it ALL up yet, so the Singing Trees were silent and there was no music for half of it, but the hot chocolate was delicious, there were cookies, and the lights that were up were pretty. It drizzled pretty much the whole time, but it was still fun.

Still feeling very happily Doctory-Woctory. Watched "The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot," a special-within-the-specials featuring pretty much every single surviving cast member of Classic Who (all the remaining Doctors, pretty much every companion, many of the family members, etc.) in a humorous romp. It was fun. Thanks, Five!

Also featured some fun with MY Doctor, poor much-maligned Six. He was the first Doctor I ever watched, and you Never Forget Your First. Colin Baker has a great sense of humor.

Been reading a lot of articles about the festivities; I can't help but notice that mundanes really don't KNOW the show, as proven by the numerous ones that spelled TARDIS as "Tardis," apparently unaware it's an acronym. I had to tweet that to NPR when they posted THEIR article...

And for the second time, Doctor Eleven is on the cover of TV Guide. The Doctor who really brought it across the pond; until him, it was PBS or catch-as-catch-can.

I'm looking forward to the Christmas Special, but in two ways -- so VERY sad to be saying goodbye to 11, yet really eager to see 12.

Still waiting to see what Craig Ferguson has to say about the new Doctor being an old buddy of his!

Watching Day of the Doctor twice, bracketing the (still pretty execrable) End of Time, I was at first unable to reconcile them. Sure, old-fashioned timey-wimey Doctor Who "continuity," but I think I finally got it straight in my head in such a way that I can actually TAKE End of Time better...

When Ten jumped/fell from the space ship to hurdle some 10,000 feet through the atmosphere (without a space suit) and crashed through the glass ceiling and was smashed to the floor, THAT is when he actually died. The ceiling collapse killed the Master and freed the Earth, and everything that happened afterward, including the reappearance of Gallifrey in Earth's orbit AND the 50-minute-long Regeneration & "Victory Lap," was just a fever dream/hallucination which actually only took a few seconds while he managed to crawl back to the TARDIS. (Which would also explain how Mickey and Martha got together -- it was all a dream.) The TARDIS was thrown into confusion by the Doctor's death, and was not BLOWN TO PIECES by the scenery-chewing Regeneration, and was crashing because of a lack of control. So Ten's broken and shattered body fell to the floor of the control room, he Regenerated, and Eleven jumped up to take control just in time for the actual crash-landing.

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