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Wednesday Morning -- No Lost Tonight

Because, of course, tomorrow is Thanksgiving. So --


I almost have everything done that I need to get done; I have half a review to finish before tomorrow evening, and I can whip that out tonight. It's on the Eric Clapton-produced guitar festival, which was an orgasm of joy for any guitar nut, so it's real easy to review. It's one of those ones which is hard to keep down to the required 1500 characters (that's characters, including spaces, not words). Much easier was the one I finished last night, where the singer is good, but his stuff is your basic mainstream Nashville pop-crap, so it didn't really turn me on, and then I had the usual unreasonable reaction to finding out he's a great favorite of Dubya and has been invited to perform at several presidential functions. Hmmm. So I just spit out a few paragraphs and was done, and I managed to even say a few nice things.

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Well, that was without much doubt. :)
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