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This last episode of Glee had Marley singing the song Wrecking Ball -- I realized it must be the much-noted but, until now, unheard song by the notorious Myley Cyrus. I thought to myself, "Hey, this isn't a bad song. I might be willing to download it." And then today, while they still had the music in (since we had a party this week, our supervisor who runs karaoke brings his system in), one of the Pandora stations we had on played the original by Cyrus.

And I thought, "Well. That's... ordinary." I realized that Cyrus must be making such a production of herself with the clothes (or lack thereof) and hair and tongue to cover over the fact she really can't sing. She has to keep the career going somehow. The girl on Glee kicked her ass on that song.

In re-watching The Pandorica Opens and The Big Bang, I wonder anew (knowing what we know now) how it was River still existed when Rory had been erased from all time.

They never called about my tire, so I'm guessing it hasn't arrived yet, so Idris will go into the shop with the spare tomorrow, and likely won't be fixed until Monday, at least (I'm guessing to sand and repaint the hood will take a few days).

The (Creepy) Danish Royal Family.

Little Phoenix parrots:

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