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Good Times, Bad Times

The good: There is not a deductible for vandalism on my policy, so the repairs will be covered 100%. On the other hand, being the self-conscious person I am, I have been driving around in my old truck because she doesn't have a word painted on her hood. (Although her gas mileage is much worse.)

More good: 41,395 words.

Am I a horrible, horrible person for being so morbidly curious about this I went to Google Maps and looked at it (and yes, it's still there, they haven't been able to fix it yet)? (To sum up: A kid was murdered and his body left by the railroad tracks in Richmond, California -- it happened to be on the day that the Google Maps satellite snapped their picture, so the dead body is there in the closeup satellite imagery. Not even the family knew this picture was there until someone found it and brought it to their attention, and Google is being classy and is going to take it down, but... it takes time to fix the actual images.) But... I had to look. (Is very bad person.)

Back to a good thing, "adopt" a mustang!

The bad: I have a cavity. And now that the dentist has pointed it out and I made an appointment for January (because I won't be home and with money until after the holidays), it hurts. (Figures)

Today was our Thanksgiving 'do at work. Fried chicken instead of turkey, but all the sides you could possibly name, and more pie than even our crew of 75+ could eat. I made mashed potatoes, and mashed in a carrot on a whim -- gave it a nice taste and a lovely color, which surprised people but everyone who had some seemed to like it. Because there WAS so much food, there are leftovers.

I'm sitting here now rather full but craving SOMETHING, but my fast day has started and I can't eat anything more until tomorrow. I'll make it.

Back to work.
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