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There are not ENOUGH swear words

Someone has tagged my car, with beige spray paint, the word "CASPER" across her black hood.

Why? Why do taggers do ANYTHING?!?!

When? Not sure. I'm pretty positive it wasn't there when I went to and came home from work, but to be honest, I can't remember if I looked at the hood. But since I can see it from the windshield, it can't have been there. All I know for SURE is it was there when we came back from our walk. *sees red* I have a call in to my insurance now, waiting for them to call back.

This on top of needing to buy a new tire this weekend, when I discovered to my annoyance that A) Costco doesn't carry the brand my car takes, and B) Very few tire places DO, so Discount Tires had to order it for me, and I was informed that that specific SIZE of tire is rarely kept in stock, as only TWO vehicles actually use it (my cube is one -- the other is the Scion, the OTHER car I was interested in). So I'm driving on my donut spare while waiting for the new tire to come in, and NOW I HAVE TO HAVE IT PAINTED.

Am not happy. Grrrrrrrr.

Plus side? 38,710 words.
Tags: car repairs
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