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How the time do fly

It's been over a week since my last journal update. That is the extent of the excitement in my life. I spent this last week mostly working and vegging out. Very little writing getting done. Very, very little. (sigh) It's like I can't get this last scene done. Today I opened the file with the express desire to actually do that, you know, FINISH the danged thing, but instead I ended up reading through it and doing tweaking here and there. Tweaking.

I did manage to get out of bed at a reasonable (ha) time this morning, which means I dragged my butt up at 10:30 instead of sleeping until noon. I went outside and raked and bagged and dragged shit to the curb because they're starting garbage pickup next week. It's a nice day in Phoenix, which means it stayed around 60 degrees and was overcast. It rained last night and they said it was going to rain today, but I didn't notice any rain. I ate a lot of chocolate, watching "Finding Nemo" for the 10,000th time, and tweaked.

I did finish one of the three reviews I have due on Wednesday, then turned it in early because my web mistress got mad at me for changing my Top Ten of 2003. Why I have to have it permanently done a month before the end of the year is beyond me, but, well. There it is. (My top ten is here.)

We had to watch the suckage that is The Mountain due to the presence of James Marsters, and it was terribly off-putting (although James was very cute and did a strange accent I couldn't place--he did the best he could with what was fairly appalling material), and also threw off my personal schedule so I forgot about The Practice and missed the first half-hour of Spader/Shatnery goodness.

I have to get over this laziness thing, but I'll put that off until tomorrow.
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