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Feeling Very Chipper

Although very tired. I stayed up too late last night watching Person of Interest and playing Solitaire (I needed a writing break).

Extreme, overwhelming, DELIRIOUS Doctory goodness:

Speaking of which, beware the Waters of Mars.

I recently discovered this chocolate bar. It is AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS chocolate. I have to try some of the other flavors. Unfortunately, World Market doesn't carry them all (only about four or five), and the time for delivering chocolate safely to Phoenix is shrinking. I can't believe it's freaking November 14 and it was 85 degrees today.

I suppose I could have it delivered to my office. :P

5:2 continues to work. I've dropped to 163, which I haven't been at in YEARS. Still a size 12 (although it's pretty baggy now), but I'm back in my small t-shirts. I'm not exercising as I should, but I've gotten my new stepper and am using it, and I walk 2 miles a day with the dog.

31,595 words. I have some excerpts up at nightmaresaloon.
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