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Coming Up With Titles Sucks

Been diligently Nano-ing. Forgot to check ElJay last night, and any time I do that there are a LOT of posts to catch up on. I send mental comments to all my friends that I didn't have a chance to comment on their journal.

26,670 words. I'm not doing too badly, all things considered.

All things considered, I have found I actually DO like Torchwood: Miracle Day. Much better, really, than Children of Earth. It's a pretty good story, I like the characters (although it took me a while to warm up to Rex), and I like the premise. The only problem I actually have with it so far is the fact that it's set in the Doctor Who universe. At the time this was happening on Earth, the Doctor was flitting back and forth with Amy and Rory. I would have thought he'd have noticed no one was dying and tried his usual meddling best to get to the bottom of it. It may be at the base of the whole trouble with Davies' turn on Doctor Who, is that his vision is a lot darker than Doctor Who was ever meant to be. I rather like Torchwood BETTER if I think of it entirely separate from the Doctor Who universe, where, despite horrors, the whole story is essentially uplifting--in the end, life is grand, and that is how the Doctor has always approached things. As I said once, joi de vive. Davies' vision (and by extension, Torchwood) is not uplifting: it is dark and horrible and grim. Which is fine--but for me, it sure as hell didn't work for Doctor Who. There's one more episode of Miracle Day to watch.

That said, I'm really sad we never got to see any interaction between Jack Harkness and Eleven.

Speaking of Doctor Who, I'm excited as hell for two weeks from Saturday (50th Anniversary). Very sad thinking about next month, when we say goodbye to Eleven. (*sob*)

I baked a carrot cake for tomorrow (goodie day at work).

Last weekend: The dog ate my bagels. Tonight: He waits for the one he REALLY likes to come home.

I won the football pool again at work. The guys say I'm not allowed to play anymore. Hee hee hee.

Back to writing. I hope. I'm sleepy.
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