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NaNo Day 7

I'm not dead, but I'm not going as quickly as I'd like.

10,608 words. And no, not the same words repeated over and over and over (although that gets tempting).

I just read through two or so days of my f-list... how is it anyone can keep up with LiveJournal AND STILL manage to write anything?

I've been having a killer sinus attack the last few days -- only stuffy overnight (naturally), but just vaguely headachey with bleary eyes during the days.

The JC Penney's outlet at Arizona Mills is closing, so I took advantage of the sales and got myself some sweaters (goodness knows I NEED more of those), some nice slacks, and the little crock pot I wanted ("little" being relative -- it's actually a normal sized 4-quart one, but that makes it look like the tiny kid brother to my giant Kitchenaid one). I don't know if I'll be able to go back, although I'm tempted to try again in a few weeks when the 30% off goes to 50% off.

I cannot believe that Bob Newhart never won an Emmy until his guest appearance on The Big Bang Theory.

I finally signed onto my older brother's Ancestry.com site (he gave me his sign on information so I could look at some pictures), and found SOMEONE not only has my dad in their tree, but the picture they have posted is ONE OF MINE. I don't even know who this person is, but that picture is one of Mom's favorites (and I had always been under the assumption that she took it)... and wow, are there a lot of connections in there. How many kids did my father have, anyway???

Back to work.
Tags: family, nanowrimo, shopping, television
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