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So, I Did This Today

That's the real thing, on exhibit at the Arizona State Fair this week! I sat in Captain Kirk's chair!!!! A world of SQUEE.

A lot of the exhibit appears to be stuff from the old "Star Trek: The Experience" that used to be at the Las Vegas Hilton -- nice to know it's not just moldering away in some storage room.

It was a nice day, but got hot out there, and so I was feeling a little too draggy to do a lot of fair things. We saw all the animals and some of the craft exhibits (some gorgeous quilts and crochet work), preserves and cookies and decorated cakes; there's not as much as there used to be, it looks like a lot of the real FAIR stuff is getting pushed aside to bring in more of a modern urban audience. Still, on a Saturday morning it wasn't horribly crowded. They had some wolves, advertised as "the only trained wolf pack" in existence -- and yes, there were some actual wolves (timber wolves, to be exact), but the TRAINED ones were actually wolf/Malamute hybrids. It was still a nifty little show. I wanted some sort of very bad-for-me fair food, but after a few fries (meh) and a reasonably good corndog, I found I simply wasn't hungry and despite the allure of deep-fried Snickers or frozen chocolate-covered cheesecake, I didn't get anything. We came home and had some salad. Go fig, maybe I'm turning healthy or something. I even baked cookies and only ate two.

We did ride the big Ferris wheel. YAY!

Old Bathroom:

New Bathroom:

Clearly, the lighting is better in the new bathroom, as well as there being more room (no flash, just "automatic" on my camera). Not to mention a cleaner mirror....
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