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Missed Another Day, What Else is New?

This video, which made me LAUGH:

And this story, which made me sniffle in a good way.

This may be the purse I've been searching for (I've run through several that were good, but not quite IT).

Adopt one today!

Adopt one today!

I keep forgetting to check the Cave at the top of the hour, so I'm missing the "good ones."

Yesterday the scale told me I've made it back to that elusive "wedding weight," 166.8 pounds. I CAN fit back into my Chico's Size 1 jeans (although they're tight) -- that lack of exercise shows in the clothes, if not on the scale. I think I shall stick with this eating pattern, it seems to do me very well; but I really should try and exercise more. I got the new stair-stepper, and it appears to be a good one, but it's MUCH harder than my old one, so I'm going to have to work up. I managed 6 minutes the first day and my thighs were killing me.

Of course, it doesn't mean I'm not sitting here thinking about something for dessert. Maybe a little something, if I can think of what we have around here that's not TOO bad.
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