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Finally Got Some Cats

In my Minecraft game. I've been chasing wild jaguars for AGES with handfulls of raw fish, but finally the last two times I played I was able to catch 'em, feed 'em, and turn them into two tiger-stripes, a Siamese, and one tuxedo. So all my houses now have cats in them.

I have had a low-grade headache most of the day. Possibly the result of being a little tipsy last night, but hard to say... still managed to get a few things done, including folding laundry and getting the dishes all done from last night's feast. We had a nice lunch with Barb's mom of the salmon we pulled out to grill last night when I took the brisket off and we saw that fine bed of coals still in the Weber.

Got my writing critiques done, finally; got those out. Caught up (mostly) on the DVR stuff, got Barb's Mom's shopping done, then made a reservation for the hotel when we get to Orlando (48 days, according to the cruise website) -- we still need to get a petsitter scheduled, though. (I talked to my Mom on Saturday, largely because October 19 was my little brother's birthday--as well as her mother's birthday--and the date means something to her; we got some more cruise stuff done. And then she said, "Can you get some time off next October to go to Italy?" Um... I think so...!!!)

On the late shift this week -- which generally means the days are much longer for some reason. I do like having mornings free at home, but working until 6 bites.

My eye was all itchy this morning and there's some blood in it. Lots of eyedrops.

My new ACSIS sneakers are good so far. I put all my Skechers Shape-Ups in the Goodwill box (sigh... four pairs of sneakers, one pair of boots and one pair of sandals).

I did have a big bowl of ice cream this afternoon. So there.
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