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Hold Me Closer, Tiny Buddha

I just can't help myself, Tiny Buddha makes me happy.

I should be doing so many things, instead I'm watching The Blacklist premiere again with friends (showing them the awesome that is James Spader in this show) and futzing around on the Interwebs. We opened the Tiki Bar tonight and had the fires burning, grilled up a brisket (nom) and veggie skewers, with corn on the cob and grilled pineapple spears; all very nommy.

I was going to bake cookies today, but somehow it didn't happen.

Today we were going to finish raking out the front yard, but when I started raking out the dead leaves from under the rose bush, it BOILED to live with about four million wasps -- we had to spray it all again and leave it to see if we have this time killed them all. So we went out and shopped, bought some rose bushes for the backyard and then stopped at "Hidden Treasures," which is a somewhat upscale thrift shop which benefits women's shelters and funds programs for women (homeless, domestic abuse, etc.), and there Barb found some various outfits and I bought another coat (Which goodness knows I don't need), pale brown suede with embroidery, Coldwater Creek, and only $15 -- I couldn't pass it up -- along with a pair of exercise pants for less than $20 all told. Nice place. We got some new roses at Home Depot and some more wasp spray in case we need it, a shelf for the bathroom and some wood stain, then to CostCo for the weekly shopping, which included that nice brisket, then home to light the coals.

Brisket could have cooked longer, lower, but came out really nice. Used my homemade BBQ sauce, also grilled pineapple spears, veggie skewers, and corn-on-the-cob. Very good opening for this year's tiki bar!

James Spader is freakin' brilliant, really. I heard recently that Anthony Hopkins binge-watched Breaking Bad and called it some of the finest acting he'd ever seen, but honestly, Spader really is freakin' brilliant. It does make me want to watch Breaking Bad, though.
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