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Tiny Buddha Protect Us

I forgot to post again yesterday.

But it was a busy day. I worked the late(r) shift, so didn't get home until past 6, and then was working on my critiques (still not done), and just plain forgot.

Spent a bit of time on my breaks at work reading through the comments spawned by the story of the "Boy Scout Leaders" who felt that they were "saving lives" by vandalizing one of the rock formations at Goblin Valley State Park in Utah. It was heartening to note that MOST of the posters understood the value of the formations and feel that, yes, Utah should press criminal charges against the asshats who apparently didn't understand the "Leave No Trace" part of their scouting motto. Boy, howdy, do that in one of Arizona's State Parks and they'll throw you under the jail. But this is why, alas, so many places are now roped off and people aren't allowed to walk on them or touch them anymore, because of, well, PEOPLE.

There were also a disquieting number of similar asshats who commented, "What's the big deal? It's just a rock." *sigh* The fact it stood there for some 170 million years doesn't seem to matter to them, but how about "You're not allowed to do shit like that in a State Park, idiot!"?

I must learn to read dimensions when I order something out of a catalog or online. I purchased a "Garden Buddha" and just assumed that a Buddha made to stand in the garden would be of some nice size. It's smaller than my hand. It's lovely, though, so maybe I'll find a way to put it in my cactus garden, which is also tiny (but I'd have to find some space, since the cactus has really gone to town in there). In the meantime, Buddha is on my headboard with the rest of my graven images.

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