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Annoying Dog is Annoying

He's snapping his teeth at us, his indicator that we have failed him utterly. I put on the coals this afternoon and cooked up some BBQ chicken, but it took longer than anticipated and so he didn't get his full-length walk. Woe is dog.

I had dug out my old Sharper Image stair-stepper exerciser, and did 25 minutes on it yesterday. I was pleased with myself, so I took it out to work out again today. I did three minutes and then suddenly the hydraulics failed and the steps dropped, never to rise again. Well, phoo. It did last many years (of course, when I belonged to a gym I didn't use it often), as indicated by how long it's been since Sharper Image went out of business, but still -- annoying. So I'm poking around on Amazon to see which ones get the best reviews. It looks like none of them are destined to last forever, but one that I can shove behind the couch is the only way I can go, since we have NO PLACE in this house to put a real ellipsis (which I'd love, if only we had the space).

I can't think of what to dress as for Halloween.

I find more and more that despite a vast collection of cookbooks, these days I tend to reach for the computer and just Google a recipe (or find one I downloaded and never bothered to print).

Suddenly I'm exhausted and my brain just stopped working. Maybe it's time for bed.
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