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Super Fun Night

For those of us missing the geek girl on television, check out "Super Fun Night." It's still stumbling a little in this first season, but these are three totally awkward, geeky gals, and in the second episode, they meet three equally geeky guys and after the misunderstanding is cleared up, they seem to be getting along. They aren't SF nerds (as yet), but they're Our People (I recognize them).

I knew I was a nerd when they showed that new iPhone commercial while I was in the kitchen, and I heard part of it and thought, "Hey, that's Klingon." When the commercial showed again -- yes, they had Klingons on the commercial. Geek ahoy.

October in Arizona: I went out yesterday afternoon still in my office clothes, which consisted of jeans, a cardigan, and Uggs. I saw several people dressed much as I was, and many others in shorts and flip-flops. This is the time of year you can distinguish between natives and non-natives in Arizona...

It's actually very nice outside. As rahirah reported in her journal, we found a wasp's nest this morning under the rose bush under the fig tree (it was a true jungle in our front yard), and this evening we have to soak them with poison and tomorrow can take it down and make sure they're dead. Then we can finish cleaning up the front yard and hauling all the clippings out to the alley for pickup (this is even the week we're OFFICIALLY allowed to put things out for the bulk trash pickup).

Am I the only one who actually LIKED Indiana Jones & the Crystal Skull?

I found another addicting channel. Happened to hit "History 2" today and it's almost as intriguing as ID (Investigation Discovery) -- and just as overblown with "reinactments" and opinions disguised as facts. For example, today I watched a show called "Jesse James' Hidden Treasure," which had many interesting facts but was wrapped around the conspiracy theory that James faked his own death, with what APPEARED to be a real scientist trying to prove that the picture of James in his coffin didn't match the known photograph of James from his youth, while a picture of some 85-year-old guy did match (whereas Barb and I could both clearly see--without the computer--that the dead guy in the coffin looked a LOT more like James than the old guy did). Damned basic cable.

My arm hurts. I don't know if this is just a random flare-up of old pain or from chopping cactus. We have a spreading night-blooming cyrius plant in the front yard which can, if given the chance, take over the entire yard -- there is a yard down near Barb's mom where one has done just that -- so we periodically chop it back. Unfortunately, it's been some years since the last chop-back, and it's Become Powerful.

And then there were wasps.

I baked cookies today -- last week at Tuesday Morning I bought myself an electric cordless cookie press which was on clearance, a "Sharper Image" one that I assume hit Tuesday Morning when Sharper Image went out of business and has sat, forgotten, on the shelves since. Unfortunately, it appears cookie dough is really too powerful for the little battery-powered motor, so it didn't really work all that well. I decided I may keep it for frosting piping, and we dug out the REAL cookie presses and pressed a bunch of cookies -- and not a bad thing, since I realized that we usually only take out the cookie press at Christmas time and rarely, if ever, use the other discs other than the Christmas ones. So, yay. Because the final result? Cookies!

Because I don't drink as much as I used to, a few glasses of wine really has a strong effect on me. Either that, or the "Apothic White" I picked up (I think at Trader Joe's) is REALLY strong...
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