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A Trip to the Vet

Cairo had to go on for his Senior Checkup today.

We gave him the pills to "calm him down," the half-dose recommended, two hours before going. Then, since it really wasn't showing any signs of working, I gave him the other half pill (as the bottle said could be done).

Then we went to put him in the carrier.

This is the towel we tried to wrap him in:

Oh, HE'S okay. That's all our blood. I forgot to trim his needle-sharp claws before we started this. Oops. And once we were there, he came out wobbly (thanks, sedative) and covered in his own mess (poor baby gets SO worked up), so he and the carrier had to be cleaned before he could be checked over... but fortunately, he's very healthy for his age (needs his teeth cleaned again, but that can wait). We got more sedatives for next time, and... well, we'll see. Now he's VERY wobbly and wandering around aimlessly, his eyes all big and dilated.

And I am exhausted.

I keep forgetting to record S.H.I.E.L.D.

And just 'cause I'm looking at pictures, here's Barb and me at Yosemite in, I think, around 1996 or so:

When I scan old pictures, I do see the difference film makes...

The chances of rain are greater tomorrow. It certainly didn't rain today.
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