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I Wish I Could Remember Dreams

But I never do. I just have a vague sense of having been somewhere and done something and sometimes there are disjointed scenes -- but that's it. Somewhere buried deep in my head there are tremendous stores of strange things...

My goodness, Tom Mison is pretty. And my enjoyment at watching him eases my strong desire to have SOMEONE do Ichabod Crane the way Washington Irving described him... This is a fun, fun show, though. The excellence of the acting and the humor of the dialogue saves the situations, which would be ludicrous with a less talented cast and crew. (We don't watch it live because Barb has to work on her newsletter on Mondays, so we're watching it now.)

They claim it MIGHT rain tomorrow or Thursday. I won't hold my breath.

I won the office football pool this week! Woot! The guy who runs it called in sick today, so I'm not sure how MUCH I won (I think there's about twenty people who play, so that's about a hundred bucks!) -- and this was the week I gave up on reading the experts and playing the picks; I just grabbed the thing and went for the teams I like best. That seemed to work!

I chopped up a lot of greens and made a big salad for dinner, with salad shrimp and crumbled goat cheese. Quite delicious!
Tags: dreams, food, football, weather
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