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Unexpected Coyote

We went up to the Dreamy Draw park this morning for a dog walk/hike, and as we drove around one of the twisty corners leading down to the parking lot, there was a coyote ambling along not quite in the middle of the street. Barb hit the brakes; the coyote glanced over his shoulder at us, quite calmly, and moved to the side, where he stood and watched us go by. Now, I'm rather glad we met him while we were still in the car, because Bo has a bad habit of lunging at other dogs he wants to meet, and I somehow feel this "dog" would not have been at all interested in a friendly sniffing.

Still, very cool. What a day to have NOT brought the camera with me!

We had a nice walk and didn't see any other notable fauna. The air was pretty clear and Bo did get to sniff a number of OTHER, doggie-dogs, all on leashes with other hikers.

Took care of the usual shopping for the day, stopped at Home Depot and Tuesday Morning, but neither place had what we were looking for, so came home to clear off the DVR and do laundry... and pretty much all before noon.

There's not as much wall space in the new, spacious bathroom (oddly enough), and therefore I have to find someplace to hang my second earring rack. Phoo.

In the months of Pumpkin-Flavored Everything, we found Pumpkin Toaster Pastries at Trader Joe's. NOM!
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