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Lately I've noticed that my favorite wine, New Age, a white from Argentina, has become Popular. Therefore, now the sale price is actually a couple bucks more than the normal price used to be. Phoo.

So I tried another white wine from Argentina, and it's not bad at all. (Although not as good as New Age.)

Today was busy. We went out early to take the dog to the Farmer's Market, where we bought veggies and bread and goat cheese and frozen pies (yum); then we took the dog home and went out for breakfast at the little cafe down the street, then started to get some of the things we need to decorate the new bathroom -- under the sink shelves, a hanging soap thing for the shower, etc. Everything's looking very good! (I still haven't taken any pictures.)

Then we went up to the furniture store and finally found a little chest of drawers to put my excess yarn and all the fabrics in to in the office room; that required we go home and get the truck, so that had to be taken out -- which needed to get some gas and clean the windshield, since I haven't driver her since I had those repairs done (I kept humming to myself "My Old Girl!" from Damn Yankees as I drove her) -- she's still a wonderful truck, although she really does do zero-to-sixty in about four minutes...

So now everything's in place, the new chest of drawers is filled with crafty stuff, the bathroom is all organized (more or less), there's gas in the truck, and all is right with the world.

On the way home from the furniture store, stopped and got some groceries, and I made (from scratch) Marcella Hazan's Bolognese sauce (although I used turkey instead of veal); since I started so late it didn't get nearly enough simmering time, but still came out VERY yummy. I highly recommend.

We'd picked up a Guinness/Gouda bread at the farmer's market, and it made really delicious garlic bread, and Barb whipped up a salad, and it was a very good dinner.

What's the deal with television characters lately dissing the Beatles?
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