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The Further Adventures of Chick

Today when I pulled in (I back into my space), I saw that the neighbors across the street who own the rooster had their gate open (it's a big one, they drive cars into the back yard). Since the gate was open, they had the dog chained up. I swear, that rooster stood just beyond the dog's reach and TAUNTED him -- it was just like watching a Foghorn Leghorn cartoon. I had to sit in my car for a while and watch them. The rooster knew exactly how far the dog could go and stood there pecking at him and raising his neck feathers, and the dog was going nuts. It was actually pretty funny.

I don't know where Duck is. I'm hoping that Duck is a pet, and wasn't Sunday dinner. :)

I have accomplished very little in the last few weeks. That means the writing thing -- the book ain't done. I suppose, having missed my personal deadline,I got lazy. But we've been busy the last few weekends, doing a lot of shopping and just running around having fun. Sometimes ya just gotta.

BUT it's REAL close. Honest. It is.
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