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What I Have in Common With Amy and Howard

Tonight's TBBT made me chuckle over Amy and Howard's bonding with Neil Diamond music, because a few months ago I finally got much of the Neil Diamond music I used to love digitized, and now I can't stop listening to it. I loved Diamond when I was in college, but for one reason and another, I never moved him to CD, and my old albums sat in storage and never got spun... so anyway, last Christmas I just happened to download his Christmas album, then just got a "Collection," and before I knew it I was getting whole albums (especially "Tap Root Manuscript"). At least one Neil Diamond song crops up every day, it seems.

I think I remember stopping with the Neil Diamond craze when he recorded "Heartlight" and moved from rocker to easy-listening staple (much like what happened to Billy Joel and Elton John). I hated that song...

Today my new foot doctor informed me he doesn't want me wearing my beloved Skechers Shape-Ups and that they are likely what has caused a lot of my current problems. Phoo. He did, however, approve most of the rest of my shoes, although he wants me to wear a corrective orthotic in my Converse, with some padding (I will admit Converse can be Cruel Shoes without an insert of some kind -- I can't believe men played basketball in these).

I suppose I can be glad it's not Converse that raise his ire... I have something like fifteen pair (different colors).

So I had my feet molded and put a down payment on corrective inserts. (Insurance would cover them, but I'd have to reach my rather high deductible, first, and it's much cheaper to just buy the orthotics.)

I will need to cough up for a good pair of sneakers to replace the Skechers, though. I like Brooks, ASICS, and Salomon, both of which get pretty high ratings regarding stability and support. More money to outlay, though. Those will have to wait a few weeks, though, I think. Orthotics, first.

I Love Halloween:

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