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I almost finished the quote there, "route 23" (which I'm sure nutmeg3 will know, but I'm not sure who else), but I couldn't think of the route that means that much here to me, since "loop 202" doesn't have quite the same ring, and it's the only major route I use frequently.

Today was a complete waste of time, which can be fun sometimes -- we're having a "guess this baby picture" contest at work and a LOT of people submitted photos, leading to a lot of time spent staring at pictures and trying to match the faces to the names -- NOT EASY! The only one I can be sure of is my own, and that I had to be sneaky about, since I couldn't dare use any picture of me past the age of 1, because once my hair grew in, it's pretty obvious who I am (at least, I think so). I could have gone with a B&W shot of me and mom, but ended up with a baby picture of me in a little red onesie with Dad (I thought anyone from my old unit would get it, since Dad's picture was in our Veteran's memorial back in the old office, but only one seemed to catch it was me). We'll see who won tomorrow.

This is very neat.

I have characters, a situation, and a setting for a potential Nano, but I have no PLOT. I have to do too much research to make a plausible alternate history, and probably not enough time to do it all between now and November 1. (Situation: Henry VIII did not have that bad fall which caused his leg injury, Queen Anne therefore did not miscarry, and baby boy Henry is born healthy. The changes wrought to English history: ENORMOUS.)

I wonder if I could cobble something else up...

I think I like Super Fun Night.
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