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As though someone flipped a switch...

It's cool outside. BOOM. We went from 102 to 89. It's GORGEOUS outside -- we fired up the grill and ate outside for the first time in months. It's so nice I turned off the air conditioner and opened all the windows and doors. Ahhhhh!

I DVR'd the first part of the Emmys, but am watching live now -- the 50 years since 1963 was a very interesting tribute, but closing it with Carrie Undertalented brutalizing "Yesterday" sort of soured it. Nothing like a classic song to really show up a severe lack of singing ability. I don't really care much who wins -- most of my favorites are routinely ignored anyway, so I just watch for the tributes and performances. (And Neil Patrick Harris.) I was surprised they didn't give Bryan Cranston the Emmy, though, considering most of the audience is right now watching the series finale. (We don't cough out for any premium stations.)

And wow, Steven Colbert finally beat Jon Stewart for the Daily Show Award Best Comedy/Variety.

I did nothing of note today. Mostly I worked on a knitting project that's been gathering dust for a while and watched some stuff backed up on my DVR.

There is a new Whole Foods in the neighborhood. I wish I was richer, it's really cool. But there's a Fry's across the street for "regular groceries," Trader Joe's next door for most stuff, and now a Whole Food for the Specialty Items I don't mind dropping a lot of money for. We bought next to nothing and still spent nearly $40.
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