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I've realized in the last few years that somewhere along the line my ear has significantly improved. When I was in high school and desperate to sing, I was the victim of a terrible ear for pitch, tone, and key -- but as I've gotten older, I can actually finally hear these things. I've come to understand why the teachers were seemingly unkind to me, any why I never advanced much in choir. They were as good to me as they could be, considering. I have a "nice little voice." But I really can't carry a tune. Thus I went from trying to sing to reviewing those who can. The revenge of the thwarted would-be artist.

In any case, as I listen to other folks' singing, I've gotten to where I really can hear things, and I notice often when I listen to songs or albums I haven't listened to in years that now I hear stuff I never noticed before -- for example, today I listened to the soundtrack for Yellow Submarine and I actually heard layers of sound I'd never heard nor appreciated before. I always knew George Harrison was a guitar god -- I just never really listened to what his guitar gave to a tune. I always liked the Beatles when I was young, but now I know WHY.

I can talk turkey with actual musicians and know what I'm talking about. Maybe it's finally time to take serious guitar lessons.
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