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And so.

This morning I was all set to try and grab one of the Meet & Greet passes for the Michael Nesmith show here, and I was there right on time, and had the site all up, and it kept having problems. I couldn't get through. Then Videoranch sent out an email saying the technical glitches were taken care of. So I tried again. I was trying to get ONE pass. I got a message saying "only 4 passes were available" for my location. Okay, I only want one. I tried again. Got the same message. Tried again. Same message. Waited, fumed, tried again -- and this time it said "only 3 available." WTF?!?!?!? I tweeted them, I tried again. Still 3 available. Again. Again. Again.

Then "sorry, sold out."

So... I let it go. Okay, damn it. Okay. It's not to be.

I watched the last few episodes of Broadchurch. Good. Gripping. Getting very intense. This is the best work I've seen Tennant do since he was the Doctor.

Then I eagerly started the final episode of Under the Dome. OMG, great! Getting better! Greater!!! And... it stopped. It didn't end, It. Just. Stopped. WHAT THE FUCK. Another one of those idiotic, stupid, freakin' conclusionless "conclusions" that seem to be so freakin' popular. I wasn't expecting a happy ending, it's Stephen King, after all -- but I expected AN ENDING.

Topping the whole M&G fiasco, it's made me VERY grumpy today.

So I went and bought some more yarn I didn't need. :P

Okay, so which is it? "Voyager has left the galaxy!" or not?

I am making BBQ sauce from scratch for my pulled pork, anyway.
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