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In a first, I'm actually writing the novel which I'm sharing with my beta readers (instead of something I wrote years ago and which still needs edits), so when I get a set of comments I don't have to open the file and search, I just have to go to the spot and fix the problem. (And there are a lot of problems.)

I only have two "Summer" edition bottles of Woodchuck Hard Cider left, and I have loved the "Summer" edition. I will miss it when it's gone (it's gone from the stores already). I've picked up some of the "Fall" edition, which is actually quite good but VERY reminiscent of autumnal things (cinnamon and nutmeg and spice), and it just doesn't taste "right" yet, as it's still very much summer here -- although it's quite cool today, under 100 for the first time in ages (it's not going to last, just as long as Hurricane (tropical depression, now) Lorena is hovering over Baja -- shame they have to get slammed for us to have a break in the weather!).

This is cool. I wish I had endless millions.

I don't mean to sound callus or unfeeling, but there is definitely something wrong when I actually agree with Rand Paul. It's not that I don't agree that Syria needs help -- I just question if we're the ones who should do so. While we have made ourselves the World's Police Force, we have not finished in either Iraq (pulling out notwithstanding) or Afghanistan. "It's just drone strikes" is B.S. If we attack Assad, he will attack in retaliation, and it will become a shooting war. Also, the only way to STOP him is to unseat him, and bam, it would be Iraq and Afghanistan all over again. We have sunk billions of dollars into the Middle East at this point, and not only is our home infrastructure failing at an alarming rate (not to mention sinkholes sucking the southland into oblivion), we have this "sequester" forcing us to eliminate firemen, police, and teachers (you know, the non-essentials) -- we cannot AFFORD any more altercations in the Middle East. Period. It may be time to let them sink or swim on their own. It's not that I don't care about the people being killed, I do. But what about all the other places atrocities are being perpetrated on innocents, all over the world? We aren't striking North Korea or our buddies in Israel (no, I am not anti-Semite. I think Israel has gotten too big for its britches and needs a take-down, badly; and it's a shame anyone who dares to say that is called an anti-Semite). Yes, it's appalling. Yes, I wish we COULD do something, and maybe we should -- but I just don't think we can.

I'm also not all that sure that the Syrian rebels are much better than the regime they're fighting against.

Enough political chit. I'll watch my recorded episodes of The Daily Show now.

I've watched two of Craig Ferguson's new season so far and I'm rather surprised he made no mention of the new Doctor, since they cast someone his age who he actually used to hang out with (they played in the same band). I expect once Series 8 starts he'll have Capaldi on his show, which I think will be cool.

Have caught up with Broadchurch, which is very compelling and interesting, and about the best thing I've seen Tennant in since Doctor Who.

Am also deeply immersed in Under the Dome. When Stephen King is good, he's VERY good.

Otherwise, I am very much looking forward to the new season -- yes, I'm still watching HIMYM, so looking forward to actually meeting the mother with the final season. I don't know how I feel about Ziva leaving NCIS (sob! Okay, maybe I do). I think The Crazy Ones better be the Best Show Ever Made the way CBS has been advertising it. Kind of interested in Dracula not only because, hey, Dracula, but Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Drac. And then, of course, there's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Squee!) There's a few others that look interesting. I'll have to see how the schedule falls out when it comes to TIVO-ing them (although from just the major networks, it doesn't look too hard).

I still have a headache, and I have had it since Friday morning. I think it's the pressure change (at least, I hope so). Advil only does so much...

I made cookies yesterday.
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