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Touching, funny, and very cool. Watch both videos, WORTH IT!

Extremely amusing. Discovered by The Bloggess.

Freakin' hilarious. Don't get indignant at the beginning. They're on our side.

I walked outside this morning and thought I'd walked into a steam bath. It had apparently just rained, pretty heavily, and it was extremely hot. I drove three blocks south and turned left onto Osborn, and it was abruptly dry as a bone. Apparently the storm was not widespread. Still pretty steamy, though. Just as bad this afternoon; about 110 with dark clouds heaped up in the eastern skies.

I joined the office football pool this year. I am hobbled by the fact that a) I really don't know the teams very well, and b) I don't know what it means by "total points." I Googled expert picks and made choices based on what those guys said with some of my own ideas. ("Must choose Da Bears. Must choose the Raiders. Oh, and Jacksonville because I like Jaguars." -- Hey, that's how I chose the Ravens for the Superbowl, and that worked.)

My stomach hurts. Not sure whether to eat or not eat...
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