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Long Weekend's Ending

The worst thing about this weekend was it came when we were TOTALLY broke, so we couldn't really do anything. Plus, it was 1002* degrees, so doing anything was sticky and hot and generally uncomfortable. Still, we went out and looked around, trying to maybe find a nice storage piece to put in our new bathroom (which hasn't actually even begun construction yet; we're scheduled to begin on the 9th), but so far we've found some things which were nice, but not correct enough to make us spend any of our theoretical money.

I'd love to be able to do this. Maybe someday.

Yesterday we watched Beasts of the Southern Wild, which is a fairly magnificent work of art.

After more than six months without a period, suddenly I've had it twice in the last few weeks. Urgh. At least it's reached the "mildly annoying" stage rather than painful as well.

So a couple of days playing Minecraft and watching movies and old television (watching S1 Farscape right now - YAY). Very lazy. Did laundry and housecleaning on Saturday morning mostly before lunch, some after; baked up BBQ ribs on low heat in the oven but haven't touched the grill yet -- still too freakin' hot in Arizona for a cookout -- thought about making cookies but never seemed to get around to that. Maybe next week, maybe. Generally just plain ol' laziness.

I did a little writing, but honestly, I just wasted three whole days doing pretty much nothing.


* Yes, I said 1002.
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