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Wednesday, As Always, Without a Snappy Title

I'm jealous of nutmeg3, who gets to see this in person:

There were some super cute pictures of the cub in the NY Times, too.

I've actually been writing, which pleases me; if I can't get anything published, at least I'm making myself happy, and that's half the battle. (sillymagpie sent me a line on an indie publisher, but unfortunately, I haven't had Ring of Fire in publishable format in years. I need to get back to putting the shine back on it. Or try Long Way Home, which despite the crappy title, IS in a pretty reasonable shape for submission...

The tough part is the query letter, synopsis, and general package of "Here I Am And You Should Publish Me Because" marketing. In this, I am somewhat sucky. The best I ever did at that presentation was back in '05, when I managed to get Ring of Fire that award. (Upon which I rest all these years later, dang it.)

But I continue, because a writer's gotta write. Right?

*sob* for Yosemite.

Speaking of writing, last week I was on our late shift, which means I have mornings to kick around, and I got into the habit of watching "Good Morning America" before going off to work. One day they did an interview on Cassandra Clare. Now, I didn't know about her, um, infamous past until AFTER I'd finished reading the first book of the Mortal Instruments trilogy. All I knew was that I picked it up on a whim at Costco because I needed a book to read while waiting for my car (as I often do), and I read it, and I was totally underwhelmed by it. Whereas when I first picked up a Harry Potter novel, I read one chapter and knew I had to read ALL of them immediately (this was actually just after "Prisoner of Azkaban" came out; I started reading "Chamber of Secrets" and instantly knew I had to start with "Sorcerer's Stone," so went to the beginning; by the time I read those three, I was pre-ordering "Goblet of Fire"); and when I TRIED to read the "Twilight" series I was so repulsed by the bad writing I couldn't even finish a whole chapter, with Clare's work, it was neither so bad I hated it nor was it so good I had to go find the rest of the trilogy. I finished it, I shrugged, it went into the Goodwill box, and I didn't really give it any more thought until suddenly she, and her series(es) are EVERYWHERE.

What is it about these people that I am missing?

Speaking of picking up books on a whim, I picked up one of the "Nikki Heat" books by "Richard Castle" they put out. I expected this to be cheesy, but LORD, I didn't expect it to be this bad. First chapter in and it is APPALLINGLY BAD. (Almost "Twilight" bad.) I may not be able to finish it. I will credit them with some New York City research, though. (It helps that so far they're only a few blocks south of where we were, just below the university on Amsterdam and 83th, upper West Side.)

Out of the blue (via Ancestry.com), the older half-brother I never knew from my father's first marriage has contacted me. I've always kinda hoped I'd find him someday.
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