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Don't Drop Your Map in the Middle of the Ocean *

This has been a very lazy weekend, which makes some amount of sense, as Phoenix has been under an "excessive heat warning," which usually means that long-time Phoenix residents go, "Meh," and lock ourselves inside or some other air-conditioned place, drink a lot of water, and don't do a whole lot, while newcomers laugh, "ha ha, it's always hot here!" and proceed to go hiking, whereupon you hear about them on the news as they had to be rescued from whatever trail they braved, and if they're lucky, it's only heat exhaustion.

I did manage to get all the (important) laundry done (that is, clothes; towels I did not wash), and the vacuuming, although the dog has tracked in so much grass you wouldn't think I had.

I have found in the last few weeks that the older I get, the more "set" in sleep patterns I'm getting -- I mostly don't sleep past six-thirty, seven; so I just naturally get to bed before eleven. It just seems right somehow. (I still need an alarm clock for weeks I'm on the early shifts). I thought about sleeping longer this morning, but I got up around quarter-to-seven, just 'cause, well, why bother?

So, minor accomplishments.

The Doctor needs to be notified, as the sun is reversing its polarity.

This story makes me very happy -- I want to get the book.

Last night was Brinner, i.e., breakfast for dinner -- waffles and bacon. Yum. Leftover waffles for breakfast.

Today we watched the first two parts of "Trial of a Time Lord," featuring Doctor Six, Peri, and Brian Blessed.

Now just some Investigation: Discovery as we meditate on an afternoon of snacking which has left us feeling like not having any dinner, although we'd talked about a big salad earlier.

* When playing Minecraft, and swimming across a deep area of water because you haven't built a boat yet, be careful not to accidentally press "Q." This makes you throw what you're holding, and if it's your map, you might be a world of hurt. I spent the entire afternoon finding all my homes, remaking my maps, and filling them in.
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