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Wasted Day

I slept until 11:30. Not sure why, but I seemed to need the sleep. I got up and read some email, then we went to take Barb's mom shopping. But we ran out of gas, so had to walk to the gas station and didn't get to where we were going until about 1:00. Went to lunch, did the shopping, and didn't get back home until 3:00. Then I spent the next two-and-a-half hours reading LJ, playing with people's memes, and reading the NY Times. Mostly LJ. Wow, rahirah has a lot of friends. One of them said this, and I liked it a lot. There were some other good posts, too, and I only got to November 4 (two days ago).

I joined demsforchange. Let's face it, I'm a Christian American who voted for Kerry. Before him I voted for Gore, and before him, Clinton. I don't belong to any organized political party... I'm a Democrat. I want the words "Christian" and "American" to stand for tolerance and freedom, and that means for everybody.
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