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Sunday is Lazy Day

A couple weeks ago I caught part of Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows so I dug out the whole series and have been watching them; I saw Prisoner of Azkaban yesterday, and this morning I'm watching Goblet of Fire, and seeing them in order like this, makes me wonder -- when you take Pollyjuice Potion, it only changes your outside: Your voice remains the same (as when Harry & Ron changed into Crabb & Goyle). SO.... how did young Barty Crouch fool everyone into thinking he was Mad-Eye Moody for so long? A world-class impressionist?

Yes, I know, don't examine the world of Harry Potter too closely (especially when it comes to Goblet of Fire, which is arguably the weakest of the books). Still.

Last night we watched Oz the Great and Powerful. It's not a good movie by nearly any judgement; however, it's made a whole lot worse by James Franco. I'd never seen him in anything other than his appalling turn as co-host of the Oscars (which has gone down in history as being some of the worst hosting ever), but he really is... bad. Not just bad in general, but terribly, horribly miscast. What was needed there was a charismatic flim-flam man; Barb looked it up and found they had originally approached both Robert Downey Jr. and Johnny Depp to play the part, and EITHER would have improved that movie about 110%. We also speculated that, being a Sam Raimi movie, had he made it about 20 years ago, his standard leading man from the time, Bruce Campbell, would have been absolute perfection.

Hell, his supporting actor Zach Braff would have been better in the lead, but I'm sure they wanted his comedy chops for the voice acting.

I was deeply disappointed in Mila Kunis. She can be much better than that -- plus, her makeup as the Wicked Witch of the West was HORRIBLE.

The worst thing is, I've never fully read the original books, and a LOT of my view of Oz has been colored by the Maguire Wicked series (I'm just finishing Book 4). To me, the Wicked Witch of the West will now always be Elphaba, not whiney Theodora.
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