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If I Had Won That Jackpot

I would buy this house, just for the coolness factor.

Some time last week I started to feel off -- that melancholy that I don't know where it comes from nor why I should be sad, but for days I just didn't like much of anything and couldn't have cared less about much, except whenever I perceived some imagined slight I'd start tearing up or get unreasonably mad about nothing in particular. As I dislike myself when I'm this way, I tried to suppress it and kept on swimming. Then, yesterday, like someone pulled a switch... it was gone, and I was myself again.

Hormones are weird.

But it's good timing -- they just said on the news that today is "National Happiness Day."

It's drying out, so today's 106 actually feels like a comfortable, dry 106 (in other words, nice -- especially after the arctic freezer they call my office). But the monsoon season is not over, so it'll be a few days of this until it gets hot enough to kick off another round of storms (from which I can hope and pray we get some rain again in the center of Phoenix).

FINALLY: Adopt one today!

And I can thank cornerofmadness for this beauty: Adopt one today!

And one more: Adopt one today!

For other fans of Doctor Two and Jamie, Frazier Hines tweeted the other day he's just released his new spoken-word album. I loved the description of the disc:


Also available is a brand new CD audio reading by Frazer, of a story called The Piper's Lament written by David J Howe. This is not a Doctor Who audio, but the story of the early life of a Scottish Highlander, who has forgotten his name, and who has a blank patch in his life that he cannot account for. It combines Frazer's reading talents with some excellent sound design and production from Robin Good to create a moving and evocative tale of love and loss.

"Not a Doctor Who audio," but oddly the story of how Jamie left the Doctor was the Time Lords took his memory away and dropped him back on the Highlands where he'd come from. NICE. (The Time Lords were NOT nice people.)

ThinkGeek has TARDIS rugs. My wife wouldn't let me put it down. She's barely tolerating the TARDIS towel and cookie jar. I think she wants us to be adults or something. I could hang it on a wall...

Yesterday's "Girl Genius" has one of my favorite panels in the comic EVER. I laughed my ass off when I saw it. (Last one, on the right.)

More cool archeology.

I gotta try and remember how I made my emoticons here. I keep thinking I need to change 'em, but it's been too long since I did it...
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