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And then I thought some more

About the fact that getting dressed in the dark makes for some interesting appearances when one gets to work, as I realized that pinstripe Converse with polka-dot jeans looks... kinda stupid. I am guessing that no one at my office cared except me.

One thing I forgot in that previous post: This is the second time the Doctor has taken the face of someone he's actually met before (Caecilius from Pompeii).

Doctor Who Humor (it's very silly):

Today I listened to some old Nerdist podcasts I needed to catch up on. A few weeks ago (right after ComicCon) he had Joss Whedon on. It was a good podcast, but I was especially delighted to hear Joss Whedon say that A Little Princess is his all-time favorite book ("Really? Me, too!!!") and that every movie version of it has been terrible ("I quite agree!"), and he would love to be able to make a good one someday. ("OMG, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!")

The new Doctor Who actually made a Morning Edition segment on NPR today.
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