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When I Dream...

I rarely remember my dreams; I'm often sorry about that, but my dreams slip through the tendrils of my brain within a few minutes of my rising, leaving me only impressions and images and visions and weird senses of deja vu, and only once in a great while can I piece together the images into what passes for coherence. This morning I remembered only shopping? cleaning? with a woman who looked like Melissa McCarthy... and the rest is gone, just lingering in the back of my mind teasing me.

Perhaps that's why I'm so sleepy today. I actually dozed off at my desk this morning, something I haven't done in a long time (not since I actually got interested in my job). It took an actual problem to wake me up (nothing like being yelled at for something I didn't do and have no control over). I have to see if I can perk up later to work a little overtime. I'd like to -- the money is generally welcome.

I think it's high time a royal prince, heir to the throne, was named Arthur. :) (Hey, it's one of his grandfather's middle names.)

They're showing the Google Mapping of Mt. Fuji on CNN right now. That's pretty awesome. You can trek with a backpack of street view tracker camera to these sites. The correspondent said the equipment weighs a ton, though.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

Oh, wow, I thought I finished this when I typed it this morning. Easily distracted, aren't I?
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