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Blargh, part deux

I feel crappy today. I don't know if I'm coming down with something of what -- yesterday my stomach was giving me trouble again (sharp, stabby pains, ouch) and I was tired; and despite a pretty decent night's sleep, today I'm washed out, my stomach hurts, my throat hurts, and a LOT of Tylenol seems to have finally gotten rid of the headache. I want to lay down and maybe have some plain ol' chicken soup.

But I can't go home because I'll lose my overtime (I'll still get the hours I've worked, but they'll be straight time if I take any sick leave). And right now, we NEED that overtime.

I'm also freezing; even colder than usual in the Exxxtreme Air Conditioning. I went outside at break to warm up, but I can't take the laptop outside because in the Arizona sun I can't see the screen...

If I can't get my time organized here soon I really ought to quit the gym. I'm paying $25 a month for something I haven't used in WEEKS because of various things (mostly, aforementioned overtime, which helps pay for it).

They will be able to fix the truck for much less than I worried it would cost, but it will still mean I face another two weeks with no money at all after I pay for my share of the mortgage payment. Oh, well. Easy come, easy go.

Four more hours before I can go home and collapse.
Tags: my truck, random stuff, sick, work
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