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Summertime and the living is sweaty

It's cooled down in the valley -- it's barely going to be 107 today, and it won't top 110 all week! (And yes, it's not too humid, only 24% -- but that's a big deal for us.)

Of course, that probably also means no rain, since the monsoon needs the hot temps to really get going. (Yeah, they SAY there's a thunderstorm watch, but I'll believe it when I see it.)

What K-9 could have been:

Today I altered my usual rotating schedule (every two weeks, the specialists rotate schedules -- 5-1:30, 7-3:30, 9:30-6); I'm on the late shift last week and this week, but today Barb had her biopsy, so I went in at 5 and took a couple hours of PT to go with her to the hospital. Now the waiting starts, but her doctor said we could have results by Friday. I won't fret too much.

But as such, I'm quite sleepy, and a little hungry, since I didn't realize how long it would take and didn't have lunch before we went over. I'm making an early dinner.

So technically, I should still be at work, just finishing last break and getting ready for the last gasp (the late afternoon shift goes by faster than you'd think, though).

This weekend I spent much of my time at home watching Red Dwarf on NetFlix; I'm up to Series 5 (I hadn't quite realized how few episodes there actually are of this show). I also hadn't realized how much of it we were watching "live," given the delay there used to be between the original BBC broadcast and them coming to America. Also still a little floored that it was being made at the same time as ST:TNG. Still freakin' funny, though.

It meant that instead of my usual glut of news programs, I was watching NetFlix, and if it hadn't been for Twitter, I'd have missed the crash in San Fran completely. Wow.

Speaking of news, if it hadn't been for the airplane crash and the tragic fire in Yarnell (they just showed part of the funeral services for the "Yarnell Nineteen" -- the poor fellow who was moving the truck and survived spoke, and I really feel for him), the only thing anyone would still be talking about is George Zimmerman. I'm just kind of afraid he's going to be acquitted, and then there will be race riots in Florida. (My personal opinion? His life would not have been in danger if he hadn't kept on following the kid, so even if it WAS "self-defense," it was his own damned fault --and shooting a guy who punches you is the height of cowardice, especially for someone they keep saying was trained in mixed martial arts.)

And since I had to stop and eat dinner here, I'll save this BEFORE trying to post...
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