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Am I blue?

What Color is Your Brain?

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I didn't realize I was blueish.

I was in the mood for the Beatles today but I ended up being trained in a job that used to be done by our second lead worker (whose last day was today), which pleased me but left no time for sitting and listening to CDs. The task was interesting in some ways, although she apparently hadn't done it in two months (supposed to be done every two weeks or so) and so it took me most of the day to finish. I felt good about being selected to assist.

I made meatballs in marinara sauce with rolls for the going-away party; while everyone had a taste, I brought home a LOT of meatballs, so that was dinner, too. They came out pretty good, but I think the next time I do the recipe I'm going to use more spice. I thought they were a tiny bit bland.

I'm getting over my depression and moving on to determination. My country, I love her, so I have to fight for her. 'Nuff said. It was expected that Kerry would win places like Massachusetts, New York City, and San Francisco by a wide margin. But I couldn't help but notice that D.C. voted for him 90% to 9%. These are the folks who work with the Pres on a daily basis. Maybe we should listen to them.

Tomorrow we MUST do some things around the house and yard we've been putting off "until it cools down." Well, it's cooled down. Of course, it could just be we'll put it off again until NEXT weekend, but you never know.
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