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YAY for Today!

How much do I love having a day off in the middle of the week?

I am SO FULL of a delicious turkey burger (on whole grain roll w/bbq sauce, tomato, and onion), a corn-on-the-cob, and a bowl full of berries on a slab of angelfood cake w/a HUGE glop of fresh whipped cream, with a glass of nice Trader Joe's chardonnay. AH....

Now we're watching 1776, the best 4th of July movie ever made. (My opinion, as well as PURE FACT.)

One problem with HD TV -- this is the first time I've ever really noticed the views outside all the windows are, in fact, paintings (not that this surprises me, it's just the first time I've NOTICED).

It amazes and astonishes and always, always floors me that people accomplished what they did in these times with no air conditioning, wearing wool clothing from neck to ankles, with quill pens by candlelight.

We're so freaking weak and pampered. (And they usually did all this before the age of 40. If not sooner.)

Trader Joe's chardonnay comes in a box, and seriously, it's really good.
Tags: 4th of july, food, movies
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